Sandro Braidotti

Web developer based in Philadelphia, PA.


Jan 2, 2019: latest updates

  • Back on the job market due to budget cuts (booo). In the last month, I've gotten some good work done, though.

  • TODO:

    1. fix resume
    2. fix project apps
    3. take (and pass) the CompTIA Security+ exam
    4. lead a React tutorial for PhRIG
    5. read Learning Python Network Programming
    6. think about my next awesome project 😁
  • The Philadelphia Research and Innovation Group (PhRIG for short) is going strong. Here's a photo of the other PhRIG dudes at a recent meetup, JavaScript Jawn II.

    We recently participated in 2017’s Code4PA Hackathon, and our project has gotten some attention from the governor’s office. Check out our post on its current status.